TalkingChina Translate provides translation services for ifenxi, a leading digital market research and consulting institution in China

The following content is translated from Chinese source by machine translation without post-editing.

ifenxi was founded during the rise of digitalization in China, committed to becoming the most trusted digital think tank for decision-makers. In March of this year, Tang Neng Translation established a translation cooperation with Beijing ifenxi. With systematic research on emerging technologies and applications, and profound insights into industries and scenarios, ifenxi provides professional, objective and reliable third-party research and consulting services for enterprise users, manufacturers and investment institutions in the digital tide, helping decision-makers to see the digital trend, embrace digital opportunities, and lead Chinese enterprises in Digital transformation and upgrading. The coverage areas include finance, corporate services, retail, supply chain, healthcare, education, automobiles, real estate, industry, etc.

This time, TalkingChina mainly provides IT information technology materials translation for Beijing Ai Analytical Technology, in the Chinese to English language. In the information technology industry, TalkingChina Translation has many years of experience in serving large interpretation projects such as Oracle Cloud Conference and IBM simultaneous interpreting Conference. In addition, it has also extensively cooperated with Huawei Technologies, JMGO, ZEGO, GstarCAD, Dogesoft, Aerospace Intelligent Control (Beijing) Monitoring Technology, H3C, Fibocom, XAG, Absen, etc. TalkingChina is highly professional translation services have left a deep impression on customers. TalkingChina Translation always adheres to the mission of providing timely, meticulous, professional, and reliable services to help customers establish a matching brand image and win global target markets. In the future cooperation, TalkingChina Translation will also continue to do a good job in language services, helping customers in various industries to explore and develop in the global market.

Post time: Jul-27-2023