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Interpreting & Equipment Rental

Interpreting & Equipment Rental

service_cricle Interpreting & SI Equipment Rental Services

Simultaneous interpreting, conference consecutive interpretation, business meeting interpretation, liaison interpretation, SI equipment rental, etc. 1000 Plus interpretation sessions every year.

Interpreting & SI Equipment Rental Services

ico_right Conference Simultaneous Interpretation
ico_right Whispering Interpretation
ico_right Bilingual Emcee
ico_right Business Meeting Interpretation
ico_right Sign Language Interpretation
ico_right Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI)

ico_right SI Equipment Rental
ico_right Conference Consecutive Interpretation
ico_right Shorthand Service
ico_right Liaison Interpretation
ico_right Sight interpretation
ico_right Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

TalkingChina is a leading LSP in the interpretation sector of China

 Serving more than 1000 simultaneous and other forms of interpretation events every year.

 Providing simultaneous interpreting service between Chinese and 9 foreign languages, between English and 8 foreign languages.

 Winner in Shanghai International Film Festival’s bidding for successive 3 years from 2016-2018.

 Recognized LSP by Shanghai 2010 World Expo, coordinating120 interpreters within 6 months.

 Recommended LSP by 2018 China International Import Expo.

 Winner in Shanghai Business School and Zhejiang Police College's biddings as their class interpreting service provider.

 Winner in Gartner's bidding for interpreting service provider, offering over-the-phone interpreting as well as simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

 Over 100 conference simultaneous interpreters of five language pairs assigned at one event.

 Comprehensive interpretation services, including interpretation, bilingual emceeing, shorthand services, equipment rental, provided to meet diversified language needs during events.

 One of the drafters of the "Guidelines on Procurement of Interpreting Services in China" in 2018.

Some Clients

2010 World Expo.

2016-2018 Shanghai International Film Festival

2018 China International Import Expo.

Taihu Forum

Think London

Oracle Developers Forum

Shanghai Business School

Zhejiang Police College


Frankfurt Exhibition


Lawrence World Sports Awards 2015

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