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Global trade and human awareness of life safety and health have generated a large number of new medical and pharmaceutical services.

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Medicine, medical equipment, clinical, health, rehabilitation, biology, life sciences, health, cell, genetics, surveillance, prevention, genetics, pathology, pharmacology, infection, viruses, bacteria, hospitals, ecology, embryos, psychology, health care, Nursing, health insurance claims, plastic surgery, fitness, etc.

TalkingChina's Solutions

Professional team in medical and pharmaceutical industry

TalkingChina Translation has established a multilingual, professional and fixed translation team for each long-term client. In addition to the translators, editors and proofreaders who have rich experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, we also have technical reviewers. They have knowledge, professional background and translation experience in this domain, who are mainly responsible for correction of terminology, answering the professional and technical problems raised by translators, and doing technical gatekeeping.
TalkingChina’s production team consists of language professionals, technical gatekeepers, localization engineers, project managers and DTP staff. Each member has expertise and industry experience in the areas he/she is responsible for.

Market communications translation and English-to-foreign-language translation done by native translators

Communications in this domain involve many languages around the world. TalkingChina Translation’s two products: market communications translation and English-to-foreign-language translation done by native translators specifically answer to this need, perfectly addressing the two major pain points of language and marketing effectiveness.

Transparent workflow management

The workflows of TalkingChina Translation are customizable. It is fully transparent to the customer before the project starts. We implement the “Translation + Editing + Technical reviewing (for technical contents) + DTP + Proofreading” workflow for the projects in this domain, and CAT tools and project management tools must be used.

Customer-specific translation memory

TalkingChina Translation establishes exclusive style guides, terminology and translation memory for each long-term client in the consumer goods domain. Cloud-based CAT tools are used to check terminology inconsistencies, ensuring that teams share customer-specific corpus, improving efficiency and quality stability.

Cloud-based CAT

Translation memory is realized by CAT tools, which use repeated corpus to reduce the workload and save time; it can precisely control the consistency of translation and terminology, especially in the project of simultaneous translation and editing by different translators and editors, to ensure the consistency of translation.

ISO certification

TalkingChina Translation is an excellent translation service provider in the industry that has passed ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 certification. TalkingChina will use its expertise and experience of serving more than 100 Fortune 500 companies over the past 18 years to help you solve language problems effectively.


Confidentiality is of great significance in the medical and pharmaceutical field. TalkingChina Translation will sign a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” with each customer and will follow strict confidentiality procedures and guidelines to ensure the security of all documents, data and information of the customer.

What We Do in this Domain

TalkingChina Translation provides 11 major translation service products for chemical,mineral and energy industry, among which there are:

Medical Device Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Website content / marketing materials, etc.

Instructions for use (IFU)

Operation and installation manual

Serious side effects report

Surgical techniques

Patient consent form

Verification report

Clinical examination report

Diagnostic books and other medical records

Clinical trial authorization

Desktop publishing

Product Features Summary

Labels and packaging

Patient information leaflet

Patient report results

Drug overview

Clinical trial protocol

Patents and patent applications

Scale and quality of life questionnaire

Patient diary and electronic diary

Researcher's Manual

Test drug label

Clinical trial protocol

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