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The legend of Tower of Babel in the west: Babel means confusion, a word derived from the Tower of Babel in the Bible. The God, with the concern that people speaking a unified language might build such a tower leading to the heaven, messed up with their languages and left the Tower finally uncompleted. That half-built tower was then called the Tower of Babel, which initiated the war between different races.

TalkingChina Group, with the mission of breaking the predicament of the Tower of Babel, is mainly engaged in language service such as translation, interpretation, DTP and localization. TalkingChina serves corporate clients to help with more effective localization and globalization, that is to say, to help Chinese companies "go out" and foreign companies "come in".

TalkingChina was founded in 2002 by a number of teachers from Shanghai International Studies University and returned talents after studying abroad. Now it ranks among the Top 10 LSP in China, 28th in Asia, and 27th out of the Asia Pacific's Top 35 LSPs, with a customer base featuring mostly world-class industry leaders.

Beyond Translation, Into Success!

1. What We Do?

Translation & Translation+ Services.

2. Why Need Us?

During the process of entering the Chinese market, language and culture differences may lead to great problems.

3. What Makes Us Different?

Different service philosophy:

client needs centered, solving problems and creating value for them, instead of word-by-word translation only.

4. What Makes Us Different?

18 years' experience in serving over 100 Fortune Global 500 companies has made us a LSP ranking among China Top 10 and Asia Top 27.


TalkingChina Mission
Beyond Translation, Into Success!


TalkingChina Creed
Reliability, Professionalism, Effectiveness, Value-creating


Service Philosoghy
client needs centered, solving problems and creating value for them, instead of word translation only.


Customer centered, TalkingChina provides 10 language service products:
● Translation for Marcom Interpreting & Equipment.
● Post-editing of MT Document Translation.
● DTP, Design & Printing Multimedia Localization.
● Website/Software Localization On-Site Translators.
● Intelligence E & T Translation Technology.

"WDTP" QA System

ISO9001:2015 Quality System Certified
● W (Workflow) >
● D (Database) >
● T(Technical Tools) >
● P(People) >

Industry Solutions

After 18 years of dedication to language service, TalkingChina has developed expertise, solutions, TM, TB and best practices in eight domains:
● Machinery, Electronics & Automobile >
● Chemical, Mineral & Energy >
● IT & Telecom >
● Consumer Goods >
● Aviation, Tourism & Transportation >
● Legal & Social Science >
● Finance & Business >
● Medical & Pharmaceutical >

Globalization Solutions

TalkingChina helps Chinese companies go global and overseas company get localized in China:
● Solutions for"Going Out" >
● Solutions for "Coming in" >

Our History

Our History

Shanghai High-Quality Service Trade Export Awardee

Our History

27th out of the Asia Pacific’s Top 35 LPSs

Our History

27th out of the Asia Pacific's Top 35 LSPs

Our History

30th out of the Asia Pacific's Top 35 LSPs

Our History

Ranking among Asia-Pacific's Top 31 Language Service Providers by CSA.
Becoming a member of Translation Service Committee of TAC.
Appointed drafter of "Guide in Interpretation Service Procurement in China" issued by TAC.
ISO 9001:2015 International Quality Management System Certified;.
TalkingChina’s Shenzhen Branch was established.

Our History

Becoming DNB-Accredited Organization.

Our History

Named Asia's No. 28 Language Service Provider by CSA

Our History

Becoming an Elia member.
Becoming a council member of TAC.
Joining The Association of Language Service Providers in China.

Our History

Named Asia's Top 30th Language Service Provider by CSA.

Our History

Becoming a GALA member. ISO 9001: 2008 International Quality Management System Certified.

Our History

Awarded "Model of Customer Satisfaction for China's Translation industry".

Our History

Joining the Translators Association of China (TAC).

Our History

Named one of "China's 50 Most Competitive Translation Service Brands".

Our History

TalkingChina's Beijing Branch was established.

Our History

Named one of "China's Top 10 Influential Translation Service Brands".

Our History

TalkingChina Language Services was founded in Shanghai.

Our History

TalkingChina Translation School was founded in Shanghai.