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In the era of globalization, tourists are accustomed to booking air tickets, itineraries and hotels on line. This change in habits is bringing new shocks and opportunities to the global tourism industry.

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Aviation, airport, hotel, catering, transportation, track, road, train, traveling, tourism, recreation, transportation, freight, OTA, etc.

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Professional team in aviation, tourism and transportation industry

TalkingChina Translation has established a multilingual, professional and fixed translation team for each long-term client. In addition to the translators, editors and proofreaders who have rich experience in the aviation, tourism and transportation industry, we also have technical reviewers. They have knowledge, professional background and translation experience in this domain, who are mainly responsible for correction of terminology, answering the professional and technical problems raised by translators, and doing technical gatekeeping.

Market communications translation and English-to-foreign-language translation done by native translators

Communications in this domain involve many languages around the world. TalkingChina Translation’s two products: market communications translation and English-to-foreign-language translation done by native translators specifically answer to this need, perfectly addressing the two major pain points of language and marketing effectiveness.

Transparent workflow management

The workflows of TalkingChina Translation are customizable. It is fully transparent to the customer before the project starts. We implement the “Translation + Editing + Technical reviewing (for technical contents) + DTP + Proofreading” workflow for the projects in this domain, and CAT tools and project management tools must be used.

Customer-specific translation memory

TalkingChina Translation establishes exclusive style guides, terminology and translation memory for each long-term client in the consumer goods domain. Cloud-based CAT tools are used to check terminology inconsistencies, ensuring that teams share customer-specific corpus, improving efficiency and quality stability.

Cloud-based CAT

Translation memory is realized by CAT tools, which use repeated corpus to reduce the workload and save time; it can precisely control the consistency of translation and terminology, especially in the project of simultaneous translation and editing by different translators and editors, to ensure the consistency of translation.

ISO certification

TalkingChina Translation is an excellent translation service provider in the industry that has passed ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015 certification. TalkingChina will use its expertise and experience of serving more than 100 Fortune 500 companies over the past 18 years to help you solve language problems effectively.


China International Airlines, abbreviated as Air China, is the only national flag-bearing carrier in China and a member of the Star Alliance. It is a leading company in China's aviation industry in air passenger and freight transportation services, as well as related services. As of June 30, 2018, Air China operates 109 international routes to 42 countries (regions), which has further expanded its services to 1,317 destinations in 193 countries. TalkingChina won the bidding in July 2018, and officially became the translation service provider of Air China from October 2018. In the next two years, we have provided Air China with translation services between Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Western, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, traditional Chinese and so on. At the same time, our business also involves multi-language proofreading, html production, creative translation of advertising slogans, APP testing and other fields. By the end of November 2018, the translation tasks entrusted by Air China to TalkingChina had exceeded 500,000 words, with the daily work gradually getting on track. We hope that in the next two years, we can achieve closer cooperation with Air China to show the best side of Chinese enterprises to the whole world. "With like-minded companions, the journey knows no bounds. "!

China International Airlines

Wanda Group is an industrial conglomerate engaged in commerce, culture, Internet and finance. In 2017, Wanda Group ranked No. 380 among Fortune Global 500 companies. Wanda Culture Tourism Planning & Design Institute is the core technology research and development department of Wanda Cultural Industry Group.

As the installation and maintenance manual of large rides has a direct impact on the smooth opening of amusement parks and the safety of visitors, Wanda Culture Tourism Planning & Design Institute has carefully selected suppliers from the very beginning in 2016. Through the strict screening by its purchasing department, the shortlisted language service companies are all among the top domestic players in this sector.  TalkingChina has thus successfully become a long-term cooperative language service provider through Wanda Group's purchase.

Since 2016, TalkingChina has provided translation services for all large-scale outdoor rides of Wanda Theme Parks in  Hefei, Nanchang, Wuhan, Harbin and Qingdao. TalkingChina is the only translation company involved in all the projects. Translation of equipment specifications requires the bilingual control format. And a large number of equipment pictures and parts need to be accurately translated, which is a great test for both project management of translation and technical support of typesetting. Among them, the project of the Hefei Wanda Theme Park had a tight schedule, that is to translate 600,000 words from Chinese into English in 10 days. And the project department and the technical department had managed to work overtime to ensure both the timeliness and quality.



Since 2006, TalkingChina has been providing press release translation for Disney China's public relations department. At the end of 2006, it undertook all the script translation work of the musical play "The Lion King" as well as subtitles, etc. From naming each character in the play in Chinese, to every line of the script, TalkingChina made great efforts in refining upon the wording. Efficiency and language style are the key points of the translation tasks stressed by Disney.

In 2011, TalkingChina was selected by Walt Disney (Guangzhou) as the long-term translation supplier. Up to now, TalkingChina has provided a translation service of 5 million words in total for Disney. In terms of interpreting, TalkingChina mainly provides English and Japanese interpreting services. During the construction of Shanghai Disney Resort, TalkingChina provided on-site interpreter dispatching services and received the customer’s appraise.


Walt Disney

What We Do in this Domain

TalkingChina Translation provides 11 major translation service products for chemical,mineral and energy industry, among which there are:

Marcom Translation & Transcreation

Website/APP Localization

IT and software programs

Online booking system

Customer communications

Tour Package

Tourist routes

Audio tour

Tourist guide

Travel destination guide

Museum instructions and guides

Maps and directions

Public signs

Tourism Agreements

Lease contract

Training material

Accommodations contract

Travel insurance policy

Comments and customer feedback

Travel announcements and travel newsletters

Restaurant menu

Scenic signs/attraction introduction

Various types of interpretation services

Multimedia localization

On-site translator dispatching

Desktop publishing

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