In TalkingChina's "WDTP" Quality Assurance system, "P" refers to "People", especially the human resource of translation. Our quality, to a great extent, depends on our rigorous translator screening system and unique A/B/C translator rating system.

After 18 years' selection and screening efforts, TalkingChina now boasts over 2,000 signed translators in more than 60 languages around the world, out of whom about 350 translators and 250 high-level interpreters are most frequently used. Those are definitely elites in the translation and interpreting profession.

Grade A Translators
Native speaker, overseas Chinese or returnee for the target foreign language; professional writer or top translator.
With over 8 years of translation experience, positive feedback ratio of above 98%.
Accurate conveyance of meaning; highly fluent rendering of text; capable of cultural localization for the translated content; suitable for MarCom, technical communications, legal files, financial or medical materials.
200%-300%of the standard price.

Grade B Translators
Postgraduate or above, 50% are returned overseas Chinese, with over 5 years of translation experience, whose positive customer feedback ratio reaches 90%.
Accurate conveyance of meaning; fluent rendering of text; language proficiency close to the native level of target foreign languages.
Suitable for translation tasks with high requirements; most frequently used grade of translators in TalkingChina.
150% of the standard price.

Grade c Translators
Postgraduate or above, with over 2 years of translation experience and positive customer feedback ratio of 80%.
Correct conveyance of meaning; good rendering of text.
Suitable for translation tasks with common requirements and big workload.
Standard price.