TalkingChina Service

  • Translation For MarCom.

    Translation For MarCom.

    Translation, transcreation or copywriting of marketing communication copies, slogans, company or brand names, etc. 20 years of successful experience in serving more than 100 MarCom. departments of companies in various industries.

  • En>multi-languages by Native Translators

    En>multi-languages by Native Translators

    We assure the accuracy, professionalism and consistency of our translation through the standard TEP or TQ process, as well as CAT.

  • Document Translation

    Document Translation

    Translation of English into other foreign languages by qualified native translators, helping Chinese companies go global.

  • Interpreting & Equipment Rental

    Interpreting & Equipment Rental

    Simultaneous interpreting, conference consecutive interpretation, business meeting interpretation, liaison interpretation, SI equipment rental, etc. 1000 Plus interpretation sessions every year.

  • Data Entry, DTP, Design & Printing

    Data Entry, DTP, Design & Printing

    Beyond Translation, How it Looks Really Counts

    Holistic services covering data entry, translation, typesetting and drawing, design and printing.

    Over 10,000 pages of typesetting per month.

    Proficiency in 20 and more typesetting software.

  • Multimedia Localization

    Multimedia Localization


    We translate in different styles to match diverse application scenarios, covering Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Arabic, Vietnamese and many other languages.

  • Temp Dispatch

    Temp Dispatch

    Convenient and timely access to translation talent with better confidentiality and reduced labor cost. We take care of selecting translators, arranging interviews, determining salary, purchasing insurance, signing contracts, paying compensation and other details.

  • Website/Software Localization

    Website/Software Localization

    The content involved in website localization goes far beyond translation. It is a complex process that involves project management, translation and proofreading, quality assurance, online testing, timely updates, and the reuse of previous content. In this process, it is necessary to adjust the existing website to conform to the cultural customs of the target audience and make it easy for the target audience to access and use.