TalkingChina provide translation services for Vision Flow

The following content is translated from Chinese source by machine translation without post-editing.

Vision Flow is a startup based on AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) native technology, and is the first wave of global exploration of AGI native applications. Last December, TalkingChina established a cooperation with Vision Flow, mainly providing legal document translation in English and French.

Vision Flow was founded by the founder of the well-known education AI unicorn, and initially received investment from well-known institutions such as Li Xiang, Zeng Ming, and Yeahmobi. With the development of AGI technology, direct connection between humans and super intelligence will no longer be a dream, and this transformation will bring revolutionary opportunities for human-computer interaction in various fields. The birth of AGI signifies that users are about to enter a new era of fully conversational virtual worlds.


In the field of information technology, TalkingChina has successfully served Oracle Cloud Conference, IBM simultaneous interpreting Conference and other large-scale interpretation projects for many years with its rich industry experience and excellent professional ability. In addition, TalkingChina has also established extensive cooperation with well-known enterprises such as Huawei Technologies, JMGO, ZEGO, GstarCAD, Dogesoft, Aerospace Intelligent Control (Beijing) Monitoring Technology, H3C, Fibocom, Baiwu, XAG, Absen, etc. TalkingChina has won high recognition and trust from customers with professional, meticulous, and reliable translation services.

In this collaboration with Vision Flow, TalkingChina will continue to leverage its professional advantages in the field of translation to help clients achieve greater success in the international market. We look forward to working hand in hand with our customers to open a new chapter in the application of AGI technology.


Post time: Jun-06-2024