TalkingChina Attends Forum on Chinese Enterprises Investing in ASEAN

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On January 9, 2024, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (hereinafter referred to as "Gaojin") and Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, Seminar on Business Education Cooperation and Forum on Chinese Enterprises Investing in ASEAN, were held in Gaojin. Ms. Su Yang, General Manager of TalkingChina, attended the conference to understand market dynamics and industry information.

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Over the past decade, China and Indonesia have established a comprehensive strategic partnership, and their cooperation has achieved solid results, injecting strong impetus into global economic development. In this context, this forum brings together the wisdom of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Indonesian universities, as well as the political, business, and legal sectors of China, India, and Nepal, to explore cooperation between China and Indonesia in business education, and further promote economic and trade exchanges and investment cooperation between the two countries, in order to jointly create a new pattern of high-level development.

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The roundtable dialogue segment of the forum revolved around "Indonesia's economy, education, law, and cultural ecology" and "opportunities and challenges for Chinese enterprises to invest in Indonesia". Experts, scholars, media professionals, and business representatives who attended the meeting jointly discussed the strategic layout, investment opportunities, and strategies for Chinese enterprises to respond to challenges in the ASEAN market, and provided forward-looking guidance and suggestions. They had in-depth exchanges on China ASEAN economic and trade cooperation, investment environment analysis, and market trend interpretation.

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After attending this forum, TalkingChina Translated gained a deeper understanding of the development prospects of Chinese enterprises in the ASEAN market. This kind of cooperation and exchange activity provides valuable market information and opportunities for Chinese enterprises, and also endows TalkingChina with more background knowledge and industry insights in the process of providing translation services for overseas enterprises.

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The attending guests also generally agree that it is imperative for Chinese companies to go abroad, and the current issue is not whether they can go abroad, but how to better go abroad. Enterprises going abroad should fully utilize the advantages of China's supply chain, digitalization, and organizational management, and use their own unique skills to scientifically choose specific target destinations for going abroad. In the process of implementing the overseas strategy, adhere to long-term principles, respect local culture, and do a good job in localization.

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The mission of TalkingChina is to help solve the multilingual internationalization problem of enterprises going global - "Go global, be global"! In recent years, TalkingChina has accumulated a lot of experience in this area, and its English foreign multilingual mother tongue translation products have become one of TalkingChina's flagship products. Whether it is aimed at the mainstream markets in Europe and the United States, or the RCEP region in Southeast Asia, or other countries along the the Belt and Road such as West Asia, Central Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Central and Eastern Europe, TalkingChina has basically achieved full language coverage, and has accumulated tens of millions of translations in Indonesian. Experts say that 2024 is the beginning of a new round of internationalization, and TalkingChina Translation will continue to provide customers with higher quality translation services in the future, helping them achieve greater success in the global market.

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