Localization services for JMGO nut projection

In February 2023, TalkingChina signed a long-term agreement with JMGO, a well-known domestic smart projection brand, to provide English, German, French, Spanish and other multilingual translation and localization services for its product manuals, app entries, and promotional copywriting.

Shenzhen Huole Technology Development Co., Ltd. (JMGO Nut Projection) was established in 2011. It is one of the earliest established smart projection brands in the world. As the pioneer of the smart projection category, it has always been at the forefront of innovation and constantly expanding the form of products. Currently Products include portable projection, ultra-short-throw projection, laser TV, high-brightness telephoto projection, etc.

JMGO Nut Projection

For more than ten years, JMGO Projection has continuously broken the monopoly of foreign technology, leading the optical technology in an all-round way. It has created MALC ™ three-color laser light machine, ultra-short focus light machine, etc., realized the independent research and development of the whole product line of light machine, and promoted the The continuous progress of the industry.

Up to now, its self-developed products have obtained more than 540 patents, won the world's four major industrial design awards (German Red Dot Award, iF Award, IDEA Award, GOOD DESIGN AWARD), and won more than 60 international awards; the industry's first Bonfire OS, an operating system specially designed for projection, builds a comprehensive intelligent experience with the top game engine, creates four major spaces such as movie viewing, music, atmosphere, and rhythm, constantly refreshes the application scenarios of projection, and provides users with all-round companionship. The product form and system experience of JMGO Projector have been widely acclaimed. For 4 consecutive years (2018-2021), it has ranked TOP1 in the category of projectors on Tmall Double 11.

Over the years, JMGO Projection has never stopped pursuing innovation, and TalkingChina is also making continuous efforts to consolidate and strengthen its core competitive advantages. The information technology industry is one of Tang Neng’s translation expertise. Tang Neng has many years of experience in serving large-scale interpretation projects such as Oracle Cloud Conference and IBM Simultaneous Interpretation Conference. Daoqin Software, Aerospace Intelligent Control, H3C, Fibocom, Jifei Technology, Absen Group, etc. Tang Neng's professional translation services left a deep impression on the clients.

Post time: Apr-07-2023