In September 2023, TalkingChina established a translation cooperation with Beijing FRIGG CULTURE Development Co., Ltd., mainly providing interpretation services for auto show events.

The following content is translated from Chinese source by machine translation without post-editing.

Beijing FRIGG CULTURE Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. Since its establishment, it has been committed to tailoring integrated solutions integrating planning and execution, consulting and public relations, and marketing communications for high-end customers. Currently, its customer groups include government agencies and IT, automobile, Multinational enterprises in the fields of tourism, mass consumer goods, fashion and entertainment. Brands served include SINA, Oracle, Volkswagen AG, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BYTON, etc.

Interpretation products such as simultaneous interpretation are one of TalkingChina’s flagship products. TalkingChina has accumulated many years of project experience, including but not limited to the interpretation service project of the 2010 World Expo, and five times winning bids for translation at the Shanghai International Film Festival and TV Festival. Services, etc. TalkingChina also sets some domestic leading companies in various industries as benchmarks, and provides them with better services through market communication translation, transcreation, copywriting and other special products to help them successfully go overseas.

As a high-quality veteran translation company established for more than 20 years, TalkingChina has accumulated many years of experience in the advertising and public relations industry. In future cooperation, TalkingChina will also rely on its rich industry experience to provide customers with the best language solutions.

Post time: Oct-27-2023